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Top of the Gulf Pattaya Regatta 2018


Date: April 27 – May 01, 2018

Venue: Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya

One of the most prestigious regattas in Thailand is the Top of the Gulf (Pattaya) Regatta. Taking place over a 6-day period, this prestigious race is a real marvel for fans of yachts and water sports. This is the 14th annual edition of the Top of the Gulf Regatta, which was initially founded in 2005 and has been growing every year since.

Taking place on the waters of the Gulf of Thailand on the Eastern Seaboard with the headquarters of the event being Ocean Marina Yacht Club, this year’s event is prepping up to be the most exciting and busiest yet. All participating keelboats and multihulls taking part in the game also get free berthing at the yacht club for the duration of the competition. If you think the action in the races are exciting, they are nothing compared to the partying and celebrating at social events in the evening!

Although the event is over 6-days, the sailing will take place over a 4-day period where we will see the best locking horns to earn this prestigious title.

If you are just a fan of boats and yachting or are only interested to see what it’s all about, you can head over to the Ocean Marina Yacht Club where there will be loads happening every day and night during the event.

There will be lots of onsite food and drink stalls, live DJs and music, competitions, and a vast selection of industry-related kiosks and products on show and for sale. You can come down to the marina and check out some of the beautiful boats on display that will just blow your mind.

If you are an actual fan of yachting, this is a Pattaya event that you only cannot afford to miss. Come along to spend the best part of a week with likeminded souls to share your love and passion for regattas and aquatic delights.

The best part of the event is that if you are a spectator or just want to come and soak up the atmosphere, the entrance fee is for free. If you are a potential competitor and want to enter the event, there are lots of different packages, so we would suggest that you visit the official website. When you want to experience one of an essential Pattaya events of the year, the Top of Gulf (Pattaya) Regatta is an unmissable event.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya


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