Taking Thailand Holidays to the Next Level in Pattaya

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Pattaya is a unique city that is located just a 2-hour drive south of Bangkok on the Eastern Seaboard. What makes Pattaya so great is that you get to enjoy a city-like atmosphere that is modern and home to lots of international amenities, but also has a coastal beachside atmosphere that bestows a perpetual holiday atmosphere. With lots of beaches, bars, eateries, 5-star resorts and hotels, international hospitals and schools, Pattaya merges that particular holiday environment with a modern lifestyle that is ideal for the travellers of today.

Changing Face of Pattaya Tourism

Although Pattaya was predominantly known as a nightlife and party capital for many decades since the end of the 1960s, in this day and age, Pattaya has evolved into a more eclectic holiday destination that appeals to a broader range of clientele from across the globe. Over the past few years, many family-style attractions have been constructed in the countryside surrounding the city, making it a more wholesome family-style holiday location that still keeps its edge and exciting atmosphere.

With the new tram system being constructed over the next couple of years, the expansion of U-Tapao Airport and lots of other local infrastructure changes, Pattaya is moving forward and creating a more open accessible image for single persons, couples, families or groups of friends travelling together.

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Pattaya News & Events – As and When It Happens!

There is always something happening in Pattaya, every single day and night of the week. Whether it’s the latest news stories or favourite weekly events and local business network events, launch parties and get-togethers, we are on the spot to give you latest up-to-date info on everything happening in the city.

If you are a fan of restaurant promotions, daily specials, pool parties, sporting events or any other type of interest, we can guide you towards the city’s most prominent events.