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Pattaya New Year Countdown 2018


Date: 31st December 2017

Venue: Pattaya Beach Road

It doesn’t matter if you are in the Western World or you are in Pattaya on December 31st because you can celebrate New Year most excitingly and breathtakingly. Although Thailand might not celebrate Christmas and New Year, Thais are party people and need very little encouragement to party. One of the most spectacular ways to celebrate New Year, outside of Central London and Time Square in New York is Pattaya Beach Road! You think I am joking?

It might be hard to imagine, but one of the most spectacular places to enjoy New Year festivities is at the Pattaya New Year Countdown on Pattaya Beach Road. Even though Bangkok is an excellent place to countdown to 2018, it does not live in the same stratosphere as Pattaya in this regard.

Whether you are positioned on the south-end of Walking Street or anywhere along Beach Road, the countdown to New Year in Pattaya is awe-inspiring. As the clock strikes 12 and 2018 rears its head for the first time, you will be privy to one of the most formidable fireworks displays you will ever witness.

Alongside the fireworks displays, you can enjoy local dance and music performances featuring local bands, international artists and live DJs. A Stage will be set-up directly on Pattaya Beach Road, and the main street will be closed down to traffic so that we can celebrate New Year in the most fun way imaginable.

The streets become entirely packed with people, so if you want to come and enjoy the festivities, we would suggest that you get a taxi and leave your vehicles at home and join the masses in celebration.

This time of the year is routinely the busiest in Pattaya, with the least humidity and the most holidaymakers. It is indeed a fantastic time to visit the city to soak up the immense hustle and bustle and to experience Thailand most amazingly. One thing we would suggest is that if you are thinking of visiting Pattaya during Christmas and New Year, we would strongly recommend that you book a hotel well in advance because rooms can become very scarce at this time of the year.

When you want to celebrate New Year most excitingly and majestically, the Pattaya New Year Countdown 2018 is the ultimate experience that you cannot afford to miss.

the Pattaya New Year Countdown 2018


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