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Pattaya Chonburi Buffalo Race 2018

chonburi buffalo race 2018

Date: 23 October 2018

Venue: Chon Buri City

Most people won’t own up to this, but many of us have ridden a few buffaloes in our time, but not in a race-like format. One of the unique festivals in Thailand is the Chonburi Buffalo Race, which has been taking place for over 100 years. In fact, the legend of the race goes back even further than that although no historical records have been maintained.

The Chonburi Buffalo Race 2018 is a colourful and fun spectacular that is also very serious for the competitors. There is lots of prestige attached to winning a race at the event. The racing buffalo is bred for racing and has gone through an extraordinary diet just to get here. The regime of the racing buffaloes is quite hardcore, so they are in prime racing condition. There are various categories at the event with each being merited on their balance, the agility of the riders and how fast the buffalo runs.

The jockeys who ride the buffaloes are all from the local villages nearby. They ride the Buffaloes without a saddle using a whip and reins for control.

Experience the Festival

The best part about visiting the Chonburi Buffalo Race 2018 is that the atmosphere is lots of fun and is very exciting. There are lots of food and drink vendors at the event and also lots of amusements and event concerts from live musicians. It’s more than just a race. Although the term ‘Miss Buffalo’ might not sound very appetising, winning this prize is a very glamorous and prestigious thing. Lots of local ladies compete for the main title at this annual beauty pageant.

The event is a massive boom for the local economy, and brings in spectators and competitors from the Bangkok regions and also from across the Eastern Seaboard. The game enjoys lots of exposure in the local media and even attracts many holidaymakers from Pattaya who are intrigued by the whole festival.

Getting to Chon Buri

If you are holidaying in Pattaya and want to visit the Chonburi Buffalo race, a taxi will cost in the region of 1,500 THB two ways. If you are coming from Bangkok, Chonburi is a 1 and half hour bus ride from the city.

If you are looking for something completely different, nothing is more bizarre or fun than

visiting the Chonburi Buffalo Race 2018.



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