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Learning More About Luxury Pattaya Accommodation


Although Pattaya might be well-known for its affordable hotels, restaurants and nightlife escapades, there is another side to this city that is becoming even more prominent than the ‘Cheap Charlie’ aspects of Pattaya.

When it comes to Luxury Pattaya Accommodation, the city has a phenomenal choice for the more wealthy persons who holiday and live in the city. Want to know more about the luxury accommodation options in Pattaya? Just keep reading then!

Luxury Pattaya Resorts and Hotels

You only have to visit one of Pattaya’s more prominent holiday websites and forums to catch the latest info on the cheapest places to eat, sleep and drink, but not so many foci on the more high-end and luxurious aspects of living in the city. For every affordable guesthouse and hostel in Pattaya, there are 2 or 3 luxury accommodation options.

Pattaya is home to some of the coolest branded 5-star hotel chains in the world. Some of the most popular and stylish include the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Dusit Thai Pattaya Hotel, Pullman Pattaya G Hotel, Amari Ocean Resort Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and Baraquda Pattaya Hotel to name just a few.

With the most stunning locations with sea-views directly on Pattaya Beach Road within walking distance to the beach and lots of shopping options, 5-star amenities such as fine-dining eateries, swimming pools, fitness centres and everything else you can imagine, the Pattaya luxury accommodating scene is something extraordinary.

Luxury Pattaya Villa and Condo Accommodation

Did you know that short-term rentals of luxury Pattaya condos and villas are rapidly overtaking hotels as the accommodation option of choice for modern holidaymakers? People have come to realise that if you rent a luxury 5-bedroom villa in Pattaya with its private swimming pool, gardens, kitchens, rental vehicles and even staff, it is still cheaper than booking five individual hotel rooms. This has changed the way people book their Pattaya holidays.

If you are a large family or a group of friends, let Siam Casa help you to find the perfect 5-star villa rental that fits your requirements and budget. Alternatively, you can also rent out luxury apartments in stunning resorts such as New Nordic and have the privacy that a hotel just can’t match. For more information on short-term rental apartments and villas in Pattaya, please click here.

Although Pattaya might well have a reputation for low-cost everything, the real facts couldn’t be further from the truth. Outside of Bangkok, no other place in Thailand can match the Pattaya luxury accommodation sector in the city.


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