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Getting your Groove on @ Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

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Nothing rocks quite like… err… rock! The Hard Rock brand of hotels is one of the most famous in the world, and the Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel personifies that ethos tenfold.

Famous for its interior designs that have lots of rock music memorabilia from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s adorning the walls such as Jimi Hendrix’s guitars or John Lennon’s jockstrap, Hard Rock is a name that conjures up images of Alice Copper biting heads off chickens and Ozzie Osbourne snorting ants off the floor, alongside top-quality food and 5-star hotels of course!

The Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel is just another in the long line of successes that the Hard Rock brand has achieved over the years. The Hard Rock brand first started in London in the 1960s with the first ever Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly. Over the course of the next 50-years or more, the name has outgrown its humble roots and is currently as famous for its branded hotels that keep the same rock theme rocking into modern times.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Located right in the heart of Pattaya Beach Road with extensive sea-views looking out across the Gulf of Thailand, Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel is turning up the volume to ear-drum bursting levels. Merging both modernity and luxury with the earthy roots of rock music and history is what makes this hotel so unique and special.

The Pattaya branch is located directly across the road from Pattaya beach and comes equipped with a mesmerising choice of 323 rooms and suite, which include the ultra-luxurious Rock Star Suites, family suites and luxury accommodation for artists, musicians, songwriters and executives. All the rooms have sea-views, luxurious bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and lots more. The more significant suites have kitchenettes and living rooms and lots of rock music paintings and art pieces.

Come along to enjoy some stunning Western and Asian cuisine at their onsite Hard Rock Café. Other onsite amenities include the Roxity Kids Club, the Tabu Club for teens and families, the fully-equipped Body Rock Fitness Center, the Rock Spa and Rock shop and many more options. Don’t forget the onsite swimming pools too.

If you want to holiday like a Rock Star in Pattaya, there is no hotel or resort in the city that can match the immense delights of the Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel.

Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel
429 Moo 9, Pattaya Beach Road,
Chonburi, Thailand20150
Tel: +66 38 428755-9
Fax: +66 38 421673
Email: [email protected]


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