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Experience Songkran Water Festival Thailand 2018


Date: April 13 – 15, 2018
Venue: Nationwide

If you have never taken part in a grand scale water fight before, you haven’t lived. Songkran Water Festival is one of Thailand’s most famous yet infamous festivals and signifies Thai New Year. It is most definitely time to purchase a plastic pump-action shotgun, round up your posse and start stalking the streets to find victims to douse.

If you have never taken part in a grand scale water fight before, you haven’t lived. Songkran Water Festival

Traditional Thai Songkran Festival – Rare Thai Stamp Collection (เทศกาลสงกรานต์)

Thai New Year is the most significant water fight in the world and is one of the most dangerous times of the year to visit Thailand. Routinely speaking, Thai New Year is officially on the 13th April, but in most places across the Kingdom, the festivities last 2 or 3 days.

In some places such as Pattaya, Songkran can take over a week to unravel because they perform the water fights in a different area every day for a week. In places such as Chiang Mai, the festival can also take a week to unfold. In Phuket, Songkran is just 24-hours. It differs depending on where you are in Thailand.

Songkran is practised across a few SE-Asian nations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, some parts of Northern India, Sri Lanka and Laos, albeit that the festival has different names.

As with most auspicious events in Asia, Songkran runs parallel to sun transiting into the constellation of Aires. This is standard for festivals to be in line with solar and lunar movements and astrology in general.

Things You Will Need for Songkran
One thing we have to point out is that if you go outside in the daytime during Songkran, YOU WILL GET WET! No ifs, no buts or maybes…. YOU WILL GET WET! If you do not want to get wet, stay within the confines of your hotel or resort. If you ‘re going to throw yourself head-first into the festivities, here are a few things you will need to remember:

Songkran Festival – Naam Obb (น้ำอบนำ้มนต์)

Buy a plastic pump-action water gun to drench your enemies
Put your values such as money, phones or passports in plastic bags or leave them in the safe at your hotel
Try not to soak people passing by on motorbikes
Take it easy with the alcohol consumption because the scene can get mad
Use common sense and be careful at all times
You will need a sense of humour
Have a great time, meet new people and celebrate New Year with your Thai friends

Songkran Water Festival Pattaya Thailand 2018


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