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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 in Thailand

Chinese New Year 2018

Date: February 16, 2018
Venue: Nationwide
Chinese culture is some of the oldest and most revered in the world. Even 3,000 years ago, the Chinese had already worked out how the body worked and used and created medicines in that period that are still used today. Their philosophy and culture has touched the lives of many, even those from other non-Asian continents. If you are on holiday in Thailand during February, one of the most important events at this time of year is Chinese New Year.

Although Thais celebrate their New Year on the 13th April, and also celebrate the Western New Year on 1st Jan, they also take Chinese New Year extremely seriously. You only have to visit certain places in Bangkok or in the capital of Phuket to see Thailand’s ancient link with the Chinese philosophy and culture. Thais are the biggest and best party animals in the world, so celebrating Chinese New Year comes as standard.

This year, New Year will be taking place on the 16th February, and in the lead up to the event, you will notice how shopping centers, streets and the like start to put up decorations and lanterns to celebrate the festival. This is a time when Chinese firecracker stalls make more money in a few days than the rest of the year combined.

If you really wanted to get into the event, you could visit the Chinese temples in places such as Bangkok and Phuket to get a truly authentic experience. When you think about it, 14% of the population of Thailand are Chinese with many more seeing themselves as Thai-Chinese, so it only makes sense to celebrate the festival with complete gusto.

Chinese New Year is always held in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, which is on the 15th Feb in 2018. This is always an auspicious occasion. As with all the major festivals in Thailand, they are heavily influenced by lunar and solar cycles that plays into the ancient wisdom of astrology.


If you are in major tourist destinations such as Phuket or Bangkok, you need to visit Phuket Town and Chinatown respectively where you will see large-scale block parties to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is also same in the less-touristy areas in Southern Thailand such as Hat Yai, which has a large Chinese community. If you are on holiday in Thailand during February, get in the spirit to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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