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3 Reasons to Book a Pattaya Holiday Villa/Condo Rental


Did you know that more people than ever before are looking at their Pattaya accommodation options in a different way? It has come to the attention of the masses that villa and condo rentals are just as viable for a Pattaya holiday experience, if not more so, than staying in a Pattaya hotel. This has contributed to some low hotel occupancy figures in the past few years. Here are 3 reasons why booking a Pattaya holiday/condo rental might be perfect for you.

#1 – Private Pattaya Holiday Experience

You love animals and children, right? But who in all honesty wants to share a hotel with dozens of other people’s screaming kids? Nobody! Booking your own short-term Pattaya villa or condo will ensure you and your group of friends or family gets the ultimate in privacy, and although that will mean sharing a villa with Uncle Bob who you dislike very much, it is still better than sharing with screaming kids and speedo wearing obese people.

Depending on your rental choice, you can have a private swimming pool and gardens, a private kitchen, your own rental vehicles, onsite staff and much more. You are in control when booking your own short-term apartment or villa option in Pattaya City.

#2 – So Much Choice

If you are visiting Pattaya by yourself and want some privacy, booking a short-term rental apartment in a serviced apartment complex such as the New Nordic Village on Pratumnak Hill could be an ideal solution. Maybe you are looking to book a luxury Pattaya apartment in a 5-star resort such as Centara Grand Pattaya. Or maybe you want to book a 5-bedroom villa in and around the city for your entire family or a large group of friends. Them point we are making is that the Pattaya rentals market offers an immense amount of choices for people of all needs and budgets.

#3 – Affordable Pattaya Short-Term Rentals

Let’s be brutally honest here… when we purchase things whether it’s the latest dodgy technology from Taiwan or something more expensive, we always look for the best value. This is the cornerstone of the consumerism world to find a value-for-money deal!

Did you know that it is cheaper to rent a 5-bedroom Pattaya villa for 5 couples/singles than it is to book 5 individuals hotel rooms? Short-term rates for 5-bed villas in Pattaya can be anywhere from 6,000 THB to 15,000 THB per night, which makes it a very viable option. Not only do you pay less, but you also get to enjoy all the facilities and amenities for yourself and your party!


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